your website

We build three types of sites:
content management

A new site on an existing URL (web address) – if you already have a website but would like a more up-to-date one, it’s no problem. The new one can be built off-line and when you’re absolutely happy with it, it can be uploaded, so there’s minimum downtime.

Promoting a web design service by pointing out the merits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a bit like a car manufacturer pointing out the merits of fitting tyres to the wheels of its cars. It’s part and parcel of the product.

There’s a lot of nonsense written about SEO – only a few variables really affect the ranking, one is your URL and you simply mightn’t be able to have the one you want! (or perhaps you’ve already chosen it, and  without SEO in mind – most people do and why not)? But given your site content and URL, we’ll do our best to put you right up there.


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