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The Truth about Watercolour





Got an idea for a best-selling novel? If so, please don’t come to us! Sorry, but we only specialize in non-fictional, illustrated instructional guides.

If you’d like to put your unique expertise and know-how into print, that’s another matter. We can help you get from manuscript (or just the ideas stage) to book. If you have the specialist knowledge but lack the writing skills, we can ghost write for you, as well as providing illustrations and all the photography you’ll need.

We’ll guide you and work with you every step of the way until your book appears on the Amazon and Waterstones websites with its own ISBN number. With a global market out there, there never has been a more exciting time for authors.

case study An experienced artist and tutor wanted to package the practical projects he’d run for students of his watercolour classes as books so that other members of the public could try them for themselves. Working closely with him, we edited the text and laid out the pages to complete four titles, which are now advertised on the Waterstones and Amazon websites.

your book in print


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