oscar the pike & other potteries poems 3Oscar the Pike & other Potteries Poems (ISBN 978-0-992880-378) is the first work of fiction that Weaver Designs have handled – a compilation of 9 illustrated poems, some based in and around the (Staffordshire) potteries.

Some of the illustrations are handdrawn – the magpies in Finders Keepers, the ape silhouettes through The Creative Ape, and the rather quirky characters in the bus stop queue in 50 Years On, for instance - others are graphics that started life as photos taken around the Potteries, undergoing various changes digitally, then running in parallel to the text either as sympathetic abstract narrative (in the case of ‘Oscar the Pike’) or as mood-setters.

You can buy the book directly from us (the publisher) or online from Waterstones.

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