These days, with desktop publishing, everyone’s a publisher, right?

DTP has opened up access to a whole bundle of resources that weren’t there before and that’s great. But there is no substitute for professional experience. If it’s simply run-of-the-mill classroom resources you’re after, no doubt they’re on-line and ready to print. And if you have the know-how you can even make your own.

But if you want a special multimedia presentation – a history project tailored to your particular locale, say. Then we can provide it for you. It might be an event that changed the face of your town, and it can even be multi-disciplinary, incorporating music and drama projects (such as a scripted play) too.

In consultation with you, we can create projects specially for the students of your establishment, at their particular level.

Case study
Nantwich Museum commissioned Weaver Designs to make a graphic video to record and celebrate an event staged by the museum for the Campaign for Drawing’s national Big Draw event in 2014. Drawings (mostly by children) done on the day, were combined with photographs of costumed characters and the museum’s interior, to create a graphic montage. The whole was edited to music specially produced by Baseline People, and published on YouTube…


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